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OPEN SOURCE Should DAM JukeBox be released as open source? more info...

Skin Templates are now available to download.
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DAM JukeBox version 2 has been released.
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Welcome to DAM Soft

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You have just found the best DAM MP3 JukeBox for Windows that is under 1MB in size, and packed full of features that will blow you away. Load up your MP3 collection and start the party.

DAM Soft is a provider of quality FREE software that is small in size, but very useful.
On this site you will find programs that I have written to basically satisfy my needs which I haven't been able to find anywhere on the internet... and trust me I look very hard before I decide to write my own programs.

All software and content on DAM Soft is provided free of charge, Copyright © - DAM Soft, and comes with no warranty in any shape or form.


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