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OPEN SOURCE Should DAM JukeBox be released as open source? more info...

Skin Templates are now available to download.
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DAM JukeBox version 2 has been released.
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DAM JukeBox - FAQ

Q: How come DAM JukeBox is Freeware?
A: I'm just such a kind person :)

Q: Can I pay you for DAM JukeBox?
A: What for - it's FREE!!

Q: How do I use DAM JukeBox - the mouse doesn't work?
A: With the keyboard.

  • [Page-Up] / [Page-Down] to cycle through all the songs in the playlist.
  • Keys [A-D] and [1-4]
  • Enter the song selection ID by pressing the letter-number combination
    displayed next to the song you want to play. (e.g. [B][3] to play the song at location B3). The song is automatically added to the list of songs to play.
  • [TAB] key skips song / show service menu (you decide with DJBConfig.exe)
  • [ESC] key quits DAM JukeBox
  • [M] key minimises DAM JukeBox
  • [P] key pause/unpause playing
Q: Do I really have to use the "DAM Config Playlist Manager"?
NO. You can use any playlist manager that creates an M3U playlist file.
Just save it as "master.m3u" in the same folder as DAM JukeBox.

Q: Why can't I hear any music when I have selected songs to play and it says it's playing them?
A: Confirm that you have Direct X working in Windows, or download another version of Direct X.

Q: I started DAM JukeBox, but no songs are being played, or I can't select any songs to play?
A: Make sure you have free play selected in the jukebox.ini file, or press [5] - the coin key to add some credits first.


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